Tesla is introduced in “cold mode”

The automaker notes that the new option “is ideal for smooth driving and creates a comfortable ride for passengers.”

Tesla has updated the software, making available for the Model S and Model X new mode called Chill Mode (“Cold mode”), according to AutoExpress. It is assumed that upon activation, the dynamics of the acceleration of the electric vehicle will slow down and drain the battery becomes more economical.

Thus, the newspaper notes, “button” Chill Mode will act as opposites to Ludicrous mode Mode, which, on the contrary, improves the driving dynamics of the Tesla. For example, its activation reduces the acceleration time from standstill to 96 km/h in about one second.

This is interesting: the Volkswagen Group is discussing the concept of the “electric Beetle”

Among other things, Tesla also introduced the update, which CEO Elon Musk promised back in August of this year. Recall that one of the Tesla owners complained on Twitter that the driver is very often during boarding and alighting from the car touches the wheel. In this regard, the man suggested that he automatically moved away. For its part, the Musk agreed that it is a good idea and promised that the feature will be on all cars after the next software update.

This is interesting: a Compact hatchback, Toyota has a special version of

Feature called Easy Entry. So, when you turn off the steering wheel and seat will move into an extreme position. When you turn on the car they return to the starting position.

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