Terrorist killed in Jenin linked to killing of special forces soldier

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 Terrorist killed in Jenin involved in murder of special forces soldier < /p>

A joint statement from the Israel Defense Forces and the Magawa said the Islamic Jihad member killed today in Jenin was involved in the killing of an experienced Israeli soldier.

Farooq Salameh was involved in opening fire on the troops on several occasions, including during a raid in May when Special Forces fighter Noam Raz was killed.

Salameh also has ties to the Israeli-based in Nablus by the Lion's Den terrorist group and is suspected of planning more attacks.

Police say that during today's operation in the Jenin refugee camp, forces broke into the building where Salameh was staying, which led to a shootout. Salame fled the scene, and the military chased him, during while he pointed a gun at them, police said. Security forces opened fire, killing him.

Security forces allegedly seized the terrorist's weapon, as well as another M-16 rifle.
< br /> Israeli soldiers also detained five suspects during the raid. They were handed over to the Shin Bet for further interrogation.

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