Terrorist Elimination Video Discovered

 Terrorist Elimination Video Detected

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Surveillance video footage was found today in the area where IDF soldiers neutralized three terrorists last week.

The footage shows a vehicle of undercover IDF agents pulling up nearby with a car in which there were three terrorists. The soldiers got out of the car and opened massive fire on the car in which the terrorists were, and destroyed them. There are no casualties among our forces as a result of the incident.

cell from the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNablus has been virtually wiped out at the end of a joint intelligence and operational activities of the Shin Bet and the IDF
The operation was carried out on the basis of intelligence received from the Shin Bet, helped to identify the members of the gang and track them down.

This is a cell of the Tanzim organization, which in recent weeks carried out a series of terrorist attacks in the Nablus region against civilians, Israeli vehicles, and the military. There have been no casualties in all this time.

However, the three terrorists planned to carry out more attacks in this area. The search for the fourth terrorist continues.

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