Terrorist attack in Bnei Brak: the court released the father of the terrorist

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 Bnei Brak attack: court frees father of terrorist

The military court in Samaria recently decided to release from custody the father of Dia Hamarsh, who committed a terrorist attack in Bnei Brak and killed five people.

This is reported by Haruts Sheva.

The father of the terrorist was engaged in serious incitement and encouraged further terrorist attacks. However, the judge ruled that it was “difficult to judge the behavior of a grieving father.”

The military prosecutor's office requested an extension of his detention until the end of his trial, arguing that he was dangerous and could abscond or avoid trial The military court in Samaria did not agree with the position of the prosecution and let the terrorist's father go home, forbidding him to use social networks.

The prosecutor's office intends to appeal the court's decision.


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