Terrorist attack in Ariel: why didn't the guard shoot to kill?

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 Ariel terrorist attack: why didn't the guard shoot to kill?

The Israeli media is publishing material pointing to security failures in Ariel and wondering how a lone terrorist for 25 minutes could killing Israelis without anyone stopping him.

Shai Naker, a friend of the late Moti Ashkenazi, who was killed in yesterday's Ariel bombing, was interviewed by 103FM radio.

He paid tribute to his friend and spoke about his difficult feelings, and also lashed out at the guard who was at the scene and fired into the air, but did not neutralize the terrorist.

Nacker said: I have a tendency in life not to judge a person in such a situation, but, yesterday I deviated. Yesterday I couldn't. As for me, I apologize for the wording. Guard, guys, guard is not a word, it's not to sit in a booth, take a gun and say: “I'm a guard.” We are in a hostile zone, he could have prevented the continuation of the attack. This is a zone with a lot of warnings, someone needs to answer this. This attack could have been stopped. 20 minutes is an unimaginable amount of time. I think that we really got out, thank God, with such a small number of victims,” he added.

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