Terrorist attack at the Christmas parade in the USA: what is known about the attacker

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Terrorist attack on Christmas parade in the USA: what is known about the attacker

SUV driver & # 8212; rapper and BLM activist.

According to media reports, law enforcement officers detained a suspect in a run over a Christmas parade in the United States. At least 5 people became victims of the tragedy, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

The attack is suspected of 39-year-old rapper Darrell Brooks, who acts under the pseudonym MathBoi Fly. During 1999 – 2011, the musician was tried several times. In particular, they talked about the infliction of grievous bodily harm and the possession of cannabis.

The musician was an active supporter of BLM.

Brooks shared his work on the network. There is a YouTube channel with the nickname MathBoi Fly, on which Brooks' videos have been released. At the same time, there is no confirmation that the channel belongs to the musician.

Notice! As of November 22, law enforcement officers have not confirmed Brooks' involvement in the tragedy.

The main thing hitting the Christmas parade in the USA

  • The tragedy took place on November 21.
  • The locals held a Christmas parade. At the same time, the fun was interrupted by a red SUV, which flew into the crowd at speed.
  • According to eyewitnesses, shots were also fired at the scene of the tragedy.
  • 5 people became victims of the incident. Also known about at least 40 victims.
  • The head of the local police said that the perpetrator was detained.

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