Terror attack at Shuafat checkpoint: accusations against terrorists who sold weapons

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 Terror attack at Shuafat checkpoint: accusations against those who sold weapons to a terrorist < /p>

On Monday, November 7, the Jerusalem prosecutor's office filed an indictment against local residents Nader Abu Rajab and Amar Allahalia, who were involved in the sale of weapons used by a terrorist during the attack on the Shuafat checkpoint, to the district court . Let's remind, that as a result of act of terrorism the female soldier Noah Lazar was killed. According to the indictment, the defendants maintained friendly and good-neighbourly relations with the terrorist who purchased the pistol and ammunition. He used the weapon during the shelling of the checkpoint, and a few days later he tried to carry out another attack at the checkpoint in Maale Adumim, where he was liquidated.

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