Terrifying “Mindy”: what people will look like in 3000

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 Terrifying “Mindy”: what people will look like in 3000

3D model named “Mindy” was created by the Toll Free Forwarding group using artificial intelligence. It shows what people might look like due to their dependence on tech gadgets.

AI was able to model the image of a person in the year 3000 based on how we use tech gadgets today. A modern person often has a hunched back, a neck down, and hands are almost always busy with a smartphone.

According to the forecast, if a person does not let go of the phone for a hundred years, he will eventually hunch over, and his the neck will become wider. The shape of the hands will also change to become more claw-like.

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic of Med Alert Help suggests that constantly carrying a phone in one's hands can “cause tension at certain points and stretch the ulnar nerve”.

The 3D model also has a second eyelid that protects the eyes from excessive exposure to light.

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