Terrible find: a cockroach settled in a man's ear

 Creepy find: man has a cockroach in his ear

In the Chinese province of Guangdong, a patient complained to a doctor about pain in his ear, in which, as it turned out, a large cockroach settled.

According to the Mirror, a terrible find made during the examination of the deputy director of the department of otolaryngology Fu Jia in the Huizhou hospital.

A young man arrived at the hospital and complained of discomfort in his ear. According to the doctor, if the examination had been carried out later, the cockroach could have damaged the eardrum.

When they tried to remove the insect, it moved its paws. Fortunately, the procedure was successful.

According to the publication, this was not the first such situation. In New Zealand, a man was swimming in the pool when his ear was blocked. The next morning he felt uncomfortable. When the man went to the doctor, they also found an insect in his ear.

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