Terrible accidents on the roads: two people died overnight

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 Terrible road accidents: two people died overnight

A private car driver from Modiin, aged about 30, collided with a truck on Highway 3 near the Hula junction on the night of November 15, was blocked in the car – and died. Police announced that they had opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

MDA medic Meir Avivi, who arrived at the scene, said: “This is a shocking accident. We saw a car stuck under the bed of a truck, and inside it was an unconscious man, without a pulse or breathing, with severe damage to several systems. We performed medical tests and declared him dead.

Previously, a motorcyclist from Netanya (32 years old) was hit by a car on the coastal highway from the Poleg interchange to the south. The MDA teams that arrived at the scene of the accident performed artificial respiration on him – but in the end he had to be declared dead. Police detained a resident of Tel Aviv, aged 20, for questioning on suspicion of involvement in the accident.

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