Terrible accident in Romema. Egged driver version

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 Terrible accident in Romema. Egged Driver Version

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The KAN channel published an article with a version of the Egged bus driver involved in a tragic incident that killed two girls and their pregnant mother. Another 8 people were injured, and the life of a severely injured 20-year-old girl is still in danger.

A bus with no driver in the cab suddenly left the parking lot and crashed into a store in the Romem quarter in Jerusalem.

The driver says he has a problem with the tailgate. He disembarked the passengers and tried to fix the door himself. At that moment, he accidentally hit the emergency box. Because of this, the bus was released from the parking brake and rolled into the store.

The driver, after spending a day in the bullpen, was released under house arrest.

The driver claims to have reported company Egged before the accident about malfunctions in the bus. Egged and the Ministry of Transport, for their part, claim that the bus was checked twice in the period leading up to the accident and that it was “perfectly sound”. The bus passed a monthly mandatory check on the morning of the accident.

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