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Tereza Pergnerová (47) is clearly one of the most successful and well-known moderators in the Czech Republic. But many years have passed since her greatest glory in Ess. The sympathetic Tereza went literally through hell and her life was definitely not pampered. Despite all the hardships, she managed to jump back and now she lives a happy family life alongside her long-term partner Jiří Chlebeček (51).

Moderator Tereza Pergnerová arrived at the premiere of the documentary film Karel accompanied by her partner businessman Jiří Chlebeček.

He came to the red carpet in a tuxedo, but the presenter pulled a blue velvet suit from the closet and chose sneakers instead of heels.

Pergner has withdrawn in recent years and has not shown much in public. However, due to the premiere of the long-awaited film, she made an exception.

The moderator has two children, a son Samuel with František Vomáček and a daughter Nathalia with his partner Jiří Chlebeček.

Rapid rise and fall to the bottom

The year was 1994 and for the first time the legendary “Čágo bélo, madmen” was heard in Es. The young Tereza suddenly became a star of the first category. Ace moderated until 1998.

Unfortunately, intoxication from the rapidly gained fame, money and endless parties took their toll. Tereza became addicted to hard drugs for a long time, and at one point few people believed that she would get out of it at all.

However, Tereza showed an incredible will to get rid of addiction and start a new stage of her life. After the drug escapades, she returned to the screens in 2004, when she moderated the reality show VyVolení, and three more series followed.

In 2012, she moderated the reality show Farma, but she carefully selects her job offers. In recent years, viewers can remember it especially from the show Mission New Home.

Currently, Tereza is very successful and enjoys a happy life alongside a loving partner and children.


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