Tens of millions of shekels spent on renovation of Bennett's house

 Tens of millions of shekels were spent renovating Bennett's house

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Channel 13 journalist Aela Hason has published an investigation into the cost of converting Naftali Bennett's private home in Ra'anana into the “official residence of the prime minister”.

Permission for such a practice, hitherto unknown to Israel, was issued personally by the former legal adviser to the government, Dr. Avichai Mandelblitt. It is not clear what the reasons for this were.

Hasson's report stated that the cost of renovating Bennett's house could reach 50 million shekels. The market value of the house does not exceed six million. A spokesman for the Prime Minister's office issued a “rebuttal” and assured the Israelis that “only 15 million” had been spent.

Newspaper "Haaretz" reported that Bennett remained to live in his house at the request of the Shin Bet – while the official residence of the prime minister on Balfour in Jerusalem is being renovated. Thus, in this paper's version, Bennett was “forced” to will agree with costly repairs and restructuring.

The well-known Israeli lawyer Yossi Fuchs, commenting on all this fuss on the radio “Galey Yisrael”, asked several questions: “Why on earth was a private dwelling given the status of the official residence of the Prime Minister – minister? How to explain the allocation of money for this? What will happen in a year when Bennett is out of office? And if tomorrow Naftali leaves Galit and lives in the house of another woman, will they do repairs there for 20 million?”

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