Tennis legend Dick Savitt dies at 95

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 Tennis legend Dick Savitt dies at 95

Dick Savitt, who won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 1951, has died at the age of 95. Savitt's son, Bob, told US media that he hoped his father would be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame after he died at his home in New York.

“I don't think that someone loved tennis like my dad, he loved this game and respected it a lot. He liked to see how the quality of tennis improved over the years,” said the son of a tennis player.

Richard Savitt was born on 4 March 1927 in Bayonne, New Jersey, and later his family moved to Texas. Sweet played basketball and tennis at Cornell University. In 1951, he won his biggest tennis court victories in Australia and at Wimbledon, beating Ken McGregor in both finals, and climbed to second place in the rankings. He also appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

Savitt remains one of four American athletes to win both of these major tournaments in the same year, along with Don Budge, Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras.

In 1952, he retired from tennis without Causes covered. Savitt won gold medals in singles and doubles at the 1961 Maccabiah Games.

“He didn't really discuss retirement. He was lucky to become a successful businessman. He worked in the oil business for several years and then became a stockbroker. The business world was very kind to him and he never looked back. He continued to play tennis four days a week for over 50 years. In his 80s, he reduced it to three, and then to two days.".— said Bob Savitt.

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