Ten products, which at first glance seem dietary

Nutritionists have uncovered the mystery of some products, which can cause weight gain instead of to help people to lose weight.

In pursuit of a beautiful figure most people are not even trying to understand what, how and why they eat or don’t eat. The main problem for them is losing weight at any cost. But as it turned out, those products that were previously diet and even to some extent, fat burning, on the contrary are dangerous for those who want to lose weight or maintain your weight at the same level.

These products only seem to be diet, and in fact provoke a set of excess pounds:

Store-bought yogurt. In its structure many chemical substances and even a lot of sugar, so it won’t help much in weight loss, and will contribute to fluid retention in the body and allow you kg.

Steak red meat. If you add twice as many vegetables than himself, then he will be really useful figure. And even if you cook it yourself cutting meat with fatty streaks and roast the steak for a minimum amount of oil.

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Pineapples. All used to think that pineapple is a powerful fat burner, but forgot all about fructose in its composition, which is certainly not a positive effect on metabolism. And, by the way, nutritionists are convinced of the fact that substances in pineapples does not break down fat cells, and precious proteins, so should not get involved in this exotic fruit.

Sushi, rolls and other Japanese dishes. Actually, sushi is very filling and relatively low calorie, but many of the fans of Japanese cuisine can in one sitting to eat a large portion of the calories will be very much.

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The tea in the bottle. It has lots of sugar and even if it’s green — use figure will not bring, but only harm.

Noodles of fast preparation. This is almost the finished product and advertised as low in calories, salt than the daily rate for adult men.

Whole wheat bread. In this bread add a lot of salt, and it can bake on the white flour, which for losing weight person is forbidden.

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Fruit juice. Undoubtedly, they are helpful, but remember that fruits are enriched with fructose increase the level of blood sugar. In this regard, nutritionists advise to eat only 1-2 fruits a day or drink one fresh.

Chocolate. Many believe that dark chocolate can help to lose weight, but such effect you will receive only if you eat chocolate with more than 70% of cocoa in the composition.

Bread. This is one of the popular products for weight loss, which replace the bread. But is there any sense in this change, if the bread is made from the same wheat flour with addition of margarine, salt and sugar?

No need to give these products, because in any case they are beneficial for digestion and overall health. But if you want to lose weight, you should limit their use and not to lean on them as “pseudo-nutritionists”.


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