Telescope James Webb is ready to be sent into space

Телескоп Джеймс Уэбб готовят к отправке в космос

Testing extreme temperatures passed the equipment that will output telescope in space.

One of the compartments of the space telescope James Webb tested in the temperature range from minus 148 degrees Celsius to plus 102 degrees. The unit will be sent into space in 2021 and will replace the Hubble space Observatory.

Compartment space telescope, the James Webb tested in a thermal vacuum chamber for the dispatch on the halo orbit between the earth and the Moon, writes the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

Testing extreme temperatures passed the equipment that will output telescope in space. This compartment reinforced five-layer protective shield the size of a tennis court, which will hold the sensitive optics of the telescope in the shade.

Directly a 6.5-meter telescope has successfully passed the same test last year. New space telescope must operate at extremely low temperatures, so scientists had to recreate such conditions on Earth.

The next step will be the unification of the two parts of the spacecraft together and the final preparation of equipment before sending to 2021-M.

Telescope, the James Webb needs to replace space station Hubble, which NASA launched into low earth orbit in 1990, and to improve studies of new planets and other space objects.

Similar to the paste rocks on Mars may indicate the existence of life

“The contrast of most of the planets we have discovered around 10 thousand — 1 million times smaller than the contrast of their stars. Undoubtedly, there is a population of planets that have higher contrast ratios and are possibly further from their stars. With a telescope, the James Webb we will be able to see planets which are in 10 million or, at best, 100 million times smaller than their stars,” says Sasha Hinckley from the University of Exeter.

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