Telegram has more features: what you need to know

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 Telegram has more features: what you need to know

More features have been created for Telegram messenger users, including collection aliases, branches in large groups, and much more. According to the official post, communities with large readerships can enable the branching feature to create separate spaces. They will work as separate chats in a group with support for their own media and with their own notification settings. By the end of 2022, this feature will be available for small groups. Users will also be able to assign multiple collection aliases. They can be bought and sold. This feature will be available only for Telegram Premium subscribers. Among other things, 12 emoji packs have been uploaded. And Premium users can use them in any messages and captions or set them as Halloween statuses. Colors are more balanced and with improved blur effects while scrolling through chats. It will also be possible to increase the text size in the chat settings on Android.

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