Tel Aviv's iconic Mesa restaurant unexpectedly closes

News » Incidents Tel Aviv's famed Mesa restaurant unexpectedly closes

Mesa, one of Israel's most prestigious and oldest restaurants, is closing unexpectedly after almost twenty years of activity.According to sources familiar situation, the restaurant was closed due to the fact that “slowly sinking like the Titanic, and nearby protests only exacerbated the situation.”

The restaurant, located on Arbea Street in Tel Aviv, was opened in 2004. At the time, it was headed by chef Aviv Moshe.

This establishment was already closing during the pandemic. During this period, Moshe decided to retire and leave the kitchen.

In July 2021, the restaurant reopened with a new chef, Assaf Stern, who has worked in renowned restaurants in Israel and around the world, including restaurants Michelin-starred restaurant. Stern created a new menu for this establishment that combines various culinary techniques and culinary influences from Mediterranean, French, Italian and East Asian cuisine.

Over the years, Mesa has received rave reviews from leading restaurant critics and even international recognition. It was named one of the fifty most beautiful restaurants in the world by the prestigious design magazine WALL PAPER. Also, the travel magazine CONDA NEST TRAVELER included it in the list of the 80 best restaurants in the world.

Over the years, statesmen , artists and celebrities from all over the world attended Mesa, including: Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, Rudy Giuliani, Quentin Tarantino, Jon Bon Jovi, Charles o Aznavour, Fink, Emma Chaplan, Pep Guardiola, Samuel Etooo and many others.

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