Tel Aviv University poll: Raam partnership damages national security

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 Tel Aviv University survey: partnership with Raam damages national security

According to a poll conducted by Tel Aviv University in July, the majority of right-wing and center Israelis believe that the former coalition's partnership with the Raam party harmed national security. At the same time, the other part of the centrists and left Israelis mainly stated that they consider the partnership to be positive for economic and civil issues.

Among Israeli Arabs, the majority of respondents said that the partnership contributes to the development of Arab and Jewish society and Israeli society in general. Slightly more than a quarter of respondents found it difficult to give an assessment.

In addition, the poll showed that the vast majority of right-wing voters oppose any inclusion of Arab parties in the next coalition, while centrists and left-wing voters mostly support such a partnership. Israeli Arabs mostly support integration, but almost a third of respondents did not express their opinion.

About a third of both Jewish and Arab respondents said they believed right-wing coalition members had caused the government to collapse.
With regard to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the data showed that the level of support the creation of two states or the annexation of territories with limited rights for Palestinians among the Jewish public is almost the same. For both options, Jewish respondents said that it is unlikely that either of them will be implemented in the foreseeable future.

While three-quarters of the Jewish public opinion that the continuation of the current situation is detrimental to Israel, the majority It is hoped that the situation will continue.

Arab respondents still supported the two-state solution and opposed annexation. Unlike the Jewish public, a smaller majority of Arabs believe that continuing the dispute is detrimental to Israel.

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