Tel Aviv to complete 600 houses on reconstructed Arlozorov Street

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 600 houses will be completed in Tel Aviv on the reconstructed Arlozorov Street< /p>

The Tel Aviv District Planning and Building Commission today approved a plan for the reconstruction of Arlozorov Street in Tel Aviv.

The approved plan provides for the construction of up to 600 new residential buildings along the road and includes updating and strengthening existing buildings and adapting them to the plan of one of Tel Aviv's main thoroughfares.

This plan is part of a complete renovation of the road leading from Tel Aviv Central Station to the waterfront at the Hilton Hotel, along which the Tel Aviv light rail line will pass.

In accordance with the plan proposed by the Tel Aviv Planning and Building Committee and developed by the Municipal Platform, there will be no buildings more than 10 floors high on the street east of Ibn Gviriol Street, as well as eight floors to the west of Ibn Gviriol Street on the north side and seven floors on the south side. The plan will allow the development of trade and catering establishments along the tram line. 47 objections filed.

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