Tel Aviv students rally in support of Nablus terrorists

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 Students in Tel Aviv demonstrated in support of terrorists from Nablus

On Thursday, October 27, Tel Aviv University students held a demonstration in support of the terrorists killed in Nablus, in which they also called for the intifada. The demonstration, which took place outside the university, was led by activists party cell “Hadash” who study on campus.

Activists demonstrating at the entrance to the university recorded provocative and inflammatory chants.
During the demonstration, the students chanted in support of the terrorists, the martyrs and the holding of the intifada: “From you came the solution – intifada and victory.” “O mother of the martyr, rejoice, all Shabab are your sons. O mother of the prisoner, rejoice, death is better than humiliation.” Shahid, rest, we continue the fight… unity with Palestine in the return of all refugees, unity with Palestine in the elimination of all occupiers.”

Shai Rosengarten, head of the national activist wing of the Am Tartus movement, commented on the demonstration: “What is at the entrance chants of martyrs and the intifada are heard in Tel Aviv University, and the rector of the university does not even try to leave his office and remove the demonstrators — it is a sign of humiliation and shameful surrender.”

“If someone messes with the entrance to your house, are you saying that you are not responsible for the entrance?” — Xi added. “The Tel Aviv University window has turned into a terrorist demonstration in the center of Jenin. Tel Aviv University students deserve a president to keep them safe. How can you learn in the classroom with those who say, “We will continue the martyrdom”? What's going on here?”.

Tel Aviv University chose not to respond to this news.

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