Tel Aviv: Motorcyclist hit by Palestinian gives details

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 Tel Aviv: Motorcyclist hit by Palestinian gives details< /p>

Motorcyclist Gilad Tanami, who received moderate injuries last week in a crash in Tel Aviv that is now being investigated as a suspected attack, said in the hospital: “From the first moment I felt it is clear that it was terrorism. The car accelerated sharply in my direction, I flew through the air, and he drove 40 meters, crushing a motorcycle under the car. He crashed into a pole and I heard he was apprehended.”

Tanami welcomed the suspect's arrest and said, “Thank God the police caught him. May he be punished to the fullest extent.”

Police said this morning that they were investigating a suspected nationalist motive in an accident in which Tanami was injured on Tel Aviv's Abarbanel Street on Thursday.
< br /> The suspect in the accident is a 31-year-old Palestinian driver, and during the investigation it turned out that the motive for the accident was nationalist.

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