Tel Aviv is waiting for “War and Peace”. Premiere on the stage of the Israeli “Cameri”

 Tel Aviv awaits "War and Peace"

MART — the festival of culture, which debuted in Tel Aviv in 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, continues its life in Israel.

Then, two years ago, the festival program shocked even experienced theatergoers. Their performances at the most significant venues in Tel Aviv presented the Theater. Vakhtangov, Rezo Gabriadze Theatre, BDT, Gogol Center and others. After such a debut and a high bar, it was impossible to lower the degree, and the program of the new festival in 2022 — confirmation of this. From March 20 to May 1, on the main stages of Tel Aviv, the Israeli audience will see the most striking theatrical and musical projects, including the main Moscow premiere of the end of 2021 — performance “War and Peace”, staged for the 100th anniversary of the theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov by its artistic director, legendary director Rimas Tuminas.

 Tel Aviv is waiting for

How to fit in one theatrical evening the bulk of a novel of one and a half thousand pages? The task is almost impossible, so you can rarely see its name on theater posters. Staging a work of this magnitude is not for everyone. For example, one of the versions of the stage adaptation of the novel was written by Mikhail Bulgakov. Rimas Tuminas entrusted Maria Peters with the translation of Tolstoy's text into theatrical language, and he was not mistaken. The performance in three acts, which lasts almost five hours with two intermissions, is watched in one breath, despite the ascetic design of the stage. This is not just ascetic – it is literally a void in which the main and only element – a huge wall. Everything else is done on stage by actors, lights and music.

 Tel Aviv is waiting for

Here's what the director has to say about it: “The performance requires elegance, simplicity. We used to load ourselves with props, now we don't need anything. Everything will be cleaner. Just empty space and an actor. We have a huge wall on the stage, on which there is nothing, but it has its own meanings, and the viewer himself reads them in his imagination, complementing the acting of the actor. Everything is replaced by light streams, high acting understanding of destinies, history. And understanding of the theater — what are we doing. What signals are we giving to today's theater? How do we understand theater? After all, the modernity of the theater — in the way of thinking».

 Aviv is waiting for

Way of thinking of Rimas Tuminas — in the scenery of Adomas Jacovskis, the music of the composer Giedrius Puskuunigis, the costumes created by the artist Maria Danilova, with whom the director has already made such classics as “Eugene Onegin”, and, of course, in the one who plays the performance. Therefore, in “War and Peace” you can see all the treasures of the troupe of the theater. Vakhtangov: Lyudmila Maksakov, Sergei Makovetsky, Yevgeny Knyazev, Irina Kupchenko, Viktor Sukhorukov, Andrey Ilyin, Yulia Rutberg, Anna Dubrovskaya, Viktor Dobronravov and others, including very young actors.

 Tel Aviv is waiting for "War and Peace". The premiere on the stage of the Israeli "Camery"

The performance “War and Peace” as part of the MART culture festival, it will be possible to see it on April 6 and 7 at the Cameri Theater. Starting at 18:00.

Tickets on sale:

 Tel Aviv is waiting for

 Tel Aviv awaits "War and Peace". Camera

 Tel Aviv awaits

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