Tel Aviv builds 'world's largest' LEGO Hanukkiah

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 The world's largest LEGO Hanukkah was created in Tel Aviv

The LEGO store in Tel Aviv, located in the Dizengoff Square shopping center, built the world's largest Hanukkah from LEGO parts.

How According to the Jerusalem Post, 130,000 “bricks” were used in the construction.

Engineer and real estate investor Amnon Mark Applebaum led the planning and construction of the project. He led the measurements and said the structure was the largest of its kind in the world.

” ;It was built from over 130,000 “bricks” without any adhesive or structural support other than the magical power of the Lego bricks themselves,” he said.

Lego Israel CEO Yoav Gaon said that “the company's values ​​of creativity, imagination, learning, fun and quality were brought to life with this incredible event as hundreds of kids, parents and grandparents tried to break the Guinness World Record.”

“I'm delighted to announce that Lego Store Israel has built the largest the Lego Hanukkah world, measuring over 4.5 meters in height and width. The sculpture is made entirely of individual bricks and was assembled by children and families as part of the Lego Hanukkah festival,” he said.

that an application was submitted for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. Confirmation of the record may take a week or more.

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