Tel Aviv bars: We can no longer raise the price of beer and alcohol

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 Tel Aviv bars: We can no longer raise the price of beer and alcohol

Tempo Company announced an increase in prices for beer and alcoholic beverages, which it produces and imports

The price increase will take effect next month. However, several bar owners in Tel Aviv told Ynet that “we will not increase the price of alcoholic drinks, the price of a glass of alcoholic drink in a bar is about 55 shekels, and we think that at the moment, in light of the situation in the economy, we we can't raise prices any more without hurting sales, we checked the market and the atmosphere now, and not only here, is not conducive to raising prices.”

According to the new Tempo price list, the price of a half-liter of Goldstar beer in a bottle will increase by 4.9%, Maccabi La Souja in a bottle will increase by 4.9%, Maccabi in a keg – by 3%, Heineken in a keg – by 3% and in the bottle – by 4.9%. Beluga vodka – a rise in price by 3%, Van Gogh vodka – by 3%, Arak Noah – by 2.1%, Glenlivet whiskey – by 10.9%, Ballantines whiskey – by 4.9%, Chivas whiskey – by 4.9 %, Olmeca tequila – by 5%, Kava Lambrusco – by 2.1%.

increased prices only for canned beer by an average of 4%, and for alcoholic beverages – by an average of 4.9%.

According to company representatives, the reason for the increase in prices now is the new price lists of Ferno, a manufacturer from abroad, where Tempo is from. imports drinks. Local beer production was also hit by a 35% increase in bottle prices, energy and raw material prices.

Ackerman, a drinks importer, has also been raising its prices since February: Greigos vodka by 6.5%, Finlandia vodka by 10%, and Macallan whiskey by about 20%.

Last month, alcohol importer Kerem also announced a price increase from next month by an average of 5-20%. In addition, the tax on the purchase of alcoholic beverages was updated and increased by 5.3%, which is close to the index.

It should be noted that the Central Beverage Company, the producer of Coca Cola in Israel, which is also one of the largest importers of alcoholic beverages and beer producer Carlsberg in Israel has not yet announced a price increase in the alcohol sector, but the industry estimates that it will also increase prices in the future.

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