Tehran: hackers hacked the server of the nuclear program

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 Tehran: hackers hacked nuclear program server

The Iranian Atomic Energy Agency reported on Sunday, October 23 that an email server owned by one of its subsidiaries was hacked by a foreign government, and that some of the information stored on the server was published on the Internet .This was reported by Iranian state media.

An Iranian group of hackers called “Black River” posted a tweet last night claiming responsibility for leaking classified information to the Internet from a hacked Iranian nuclear server.

The hackers said it was in support of Iranian protesters have been protesting against the rule of the ayatollahs for over a month, and ended their tweet with the words: “In the name of Mahsa Amini. Women — life and freedom.

The published information includes schedules for the operation and management of various parts of the Bushehr nuclear reactor, as well as contracts signed for nuclear development with Iranian and non-Iranian parties.

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