Teenager kills himself over homophobic bullying at school

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 A teenager killed himself because of homophobic bullying at school

In France, a 13-year-old boy named Lucas committed suicide due to ongoing homophobic bullying at school.

According to Têtu , a student at Louis Armand de Golbey High School, was a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Family friends say the school did little to stop the boy's bullying. According to a family friend named Stephanie, Lucas was constantly bullied for the way he dresses, for his manner and for his presence in general.

“He wasn't hiding, and that bothered some people. Lucas has always been pleasant, caring, spontaneous, full of dreams and life,” she said.

After the student's suicide went public, Valerie Dotresme, director of the National Education System's academic service in the Vosges department, said that the school provides psychological assistance to children and teachers who need it.

According to her, adults did not notice that Lucas has not been feeling very well lately. She added that the boy and his mother reported homophobic slurs at the beginning of the school year at a parent-teacher meeting.

“For us, the situation was resolved. Lucas said things were starting to get better and that he was no longer bullied at school,” she said.

Stephanie refuted her claim that the issue “was resolved.” According to her, Lucas complained “again and again,” his mother repeatedly asked for help, and the school, where the boy spent three-quarters of his time, “did not respond at all.” According to her, the family of the deceased teenager intends to file a formal complaint.

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