Teenage hacker hacks into Uber by annoying employee with push notifications

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 Teenage hacker hacked Uber, annoying employee with push notifications

A teenager hacked into Uber systems, annoying an employee with constant push notifications asking him to confirm his login. It is reported by The New York Times. The company had to turn off several internal communications and engineering systems while the investigation was underway. The underage hacker sent images of email, cloud storage, and code repositories to the Times and cybersecurity researchers. Screenshots of conversations with the alleged hacker have also been released. Uber said the investigation is ongoing. The company has no evidence that the hacker gained access to confidential user data. All services are currently operational. Meanwhile, the hacker said he sent out push notifications to an Uber employee for more than an hour. Then he contacted the manager on WhatsApp, saying that he was from the IT department of Uber. He told the employee that he needed to accept the request if he wanted them to stop. The manager accepted the request, allowing the hacker to log into the account and gain access to the company's internal servers.

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