Teen singer banned from performing because of ultra-Orthodox man in the hall

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 Teen singer banned from performing due to ultra-Orthodox man in the audience < /p>

Yesterday, a teenage girl was informed that she could not sing in a municipal play because it would offend an ultra-Orthodox man who was in the audience.

Department Head Merom HaGalil later apologized for its decision to ban 13-year-old Eliyana Hayut from performing during the musical intermission during an education conference organized by the council, and believes it was the wrong decision made under duress. The council says the incident was due to a “misunderstanding” and apologizes.

Under Israeli law, gender discrimination is prohibited in public places or at municipal events. However, women are often banned from speaking at events because Orthodox Jewish law forbids men from listening to women sing in certain contexts, considering a woman's voice to be indiscreet. Hayut says. ”I feel discrimination – it's wrong, it's wrong that I can't sing”.

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