Team Zelensky has launched the social project “Elevator”

Команда Зеленского запустила социальный проект «Лифт»

To the project can join everyone.

The team of President Vladimir Zelensky has launched a project Lift, which will allow new people to come into politics and to implement new ideas in government.

“The social Elevator is open!”, said the team Zelensky on the project website, reports the online edition of the with reference to PKG.

“Become part of the team, share an idea or present a finished product,” she urged Ukrainians.

On the website it is possible to view jobs, tell us about yourself, tell about the idea, share the product and see the Lift tracker.

“Lift is a project team Zelensky, the platform that will finally provide an impetus for change in the country: people in public and social projects, innovative ideas and developments that will shape the state as a convenient service for every citizen of Ukraine”, – stated in the project description.

“It’s time to destroy the old system. Around this problem, we combine professional experts in their field, talented people who have ideas or finished projects that will change the country,” said the team’s new President.

“LIFT is a project Team Zelensky, combining skilled professionals and innovation. It is aimed at positive changes in the country and its complex socio-economic and cultural development,” she said.

From Zelensky has told, what “servant of the people” are ready to form a coalition

According to associates Zelensky, “in LIFT can go to any, because it is:

  • Equal conditions of admission for everyone who wants to get into the team, to embody the idea or implement the project;
  • Fair and transparent selection of experts, ideas and developments;
  • The opportunity to participate in writing the history of our country;
  • The lack of corruption and bureaucratic component in the selection;
  • An innovative platform which opens new possibilities of our country.”

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