Teachers at a religious school in Netivot set up a racist WhatsApp group

News » Incidents Netivot religious school teachers set up racist WhatsApp group

Netivot religious high school teachers were summoned to a hearing before the Ministry of Education after their WhatsApp group was exposed under titled “Annual Black Journey” in which they gossiped and laughed at female students from the Ethiopian community who were on a school trip.

mobile device as she texted in the group. The image was circulated on social media.

One student's sister said, “The texting in the group was repulsive, dismissive and embarrassing. When the students confronted the teachers, there was complete opacity, extreme indifference, and later the group was apparently removed.”

The Ministry of Education said, “This is a very serious incident that should not have happened at all. The teachers involved in the incident will be called for a hearing shortly.”

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