Tatum Dagelet makes remarkable statement about tall men

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Tatum Dagelet makes remarkable statement about tall men

While the second round in the program is in full swing, YouTuber Qucee says he wouldn’t be spending a night with Tatum anytime soon. “I think you live in a rich neighborhood. If I get there I’ll be arrested,” Qucee jokes.

Tatum then says that she likes tall men. “I really like tall men, but sometimes I’m a bit scared: how big would that dick be? I think that’s a bit scary, a big one.”

Meanwhile, host Eddy Zoey appears to be making an effort to pair Tatum and Qucee: “He’s a tall man, isn’t he?” But the actress doesn’t really respond to that. That attempt is just as easy for him as the unconscious attempt at seduction in the first episode of the program. There Eddy rejected Gaby Blaaser. How exactly did that go can be read here.

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