Tasmanian devils have chosen the family's home

 Tasmanian devils love family home

A family of Tasmanian (Tasmanian) devils have chosen the home of a woman named Adriana Laino.

This is reported by the ABC.

The Tasmanian devil is a mammal of the family carnivorous marsupials.

“I heard grunting through the floorboards and was baffled. I kept saying to my adult children, “Don't you hear? Put your ear to the floor!” she told reporters.

Only two weeks after her husband saw the Tasmanian devil walking past the nearest window, he believed her. As it turned out, the offspring of mammals settled under their house. The cubs were seen by the family two summers in a row.

“We had them here last year, but then they were much quieter — we were woken up only once at three in the morning. This year they are much noisier,” the woman said.

According to her, last year there were two cubs in the litter, and this year there are three. One day a woman went outside and saw them playing. On another occasion, she saw one of the babies sunbathing.

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