Tartar removal at home

Help walnut shell.

Видалення зубного каменю в домашніх умовах

40 g of walnut shell and the lives of your the teeth brighter condition!, reports Rus.Media.

The problem of dental plaque almost every sign, and dentists can offer a lot of ways to solve it. However, there is a simple and no less effective means that you can apply on your own at home to save time and money by avoiding visits to dental clinics.

How to clean teeth and heal gums

To prevent the development of periodontitis, in a timely manner and regularly engaged in the removal of plaque. Periodontitis is a very insidious disease in which inflammation affects not only the tooth but also tissue around it, getting through a root canal. To prevent infection develop brush your teeth with a safe and completely natural product

In order to clean the surface of the teeth from Tartar buildup, you need to take 40 g of walnut shell and a glass of plain water. Shells boiled in this water for twenty minutes, then allowed to cool and strain the resulting broth. He has 10 minutes drops the toothbrush, after which it is necessary to clean the teeth.

To do the procedure 2-3 times a day until complete disappearance of plaque on the teeth. Pronounced effect you will notice in two weeks!

The antibacterial properties of the shell allow us to completely clean tooth enamel. Will these procedures and bleeding gums.

You healthy teeth!

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