Tamara Bleszynski Reports Police Loss Billion Rupiah Business

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Tamara Bleszynski Reports Police Loss Billion Rupiah Business

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Celebrity Tamara Bleszynski make a report to Police Criminal Investigation related to business cases with losses reaching tens of billions of rupiah. However, this report has not been received by the police.

Tamara’s lawyer, T Djohansyah, said the police asked his party to first complete a number of documents.

“The report has not been received, we are still [ada dokumen] must fulfill it, hopefully Tamara can get justice,” said Djohansyah at the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit, South Jakarta, Tuesday (12/10).

Therefore, continued Djohansyah, his party will pursue time to fulfill the documents that are stated to be completed.

“Investigators are still helping, asking us to fulfill the related documents. We are still a little bit more working to find this justice. Hopefully it will be fulfilled soon,” said Djohansyah.

However, Djohansyah has not disclosed in detail the case reported by Tamara. He only revealed that the case reported by his client was related to business matters.

“The loss is tens of billions,” said Djohansyah.

On the same occasion, Tamara also did not explain about the case she experienced. He only asked for prayer so that he would get justice.

“I want to thank all my friends, family, and myself who have prayed that I can get justice. I can’t say much because I can’t get ahead,” said Tamara.

“I just ask for prayers, hopefully there will be justice for me and also for other people involved in it,” said the woman who was born on December 25, 1974.


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