Talks Obama and Republicans on the national debt of the USA was not successful

Переговоры Обамы и республиканцев по госдолгу США успехом не увенчались

Talks Obama and Republicans on the national debt of the USA was not successful
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White house spokesman Jay Carney. Photo: REUTERS

The parties continue discussion of the budget.

The meeting of U.S. President Barack Obama and the leaders of the Republican party has not brought the expected results to make a decision about raising the debt ceiling, failed.

As reported at the briefing, press Secretary Jay Carney White house, the Republicans presented their proposals, and the us leader expressed hope “for progress in negotiations.”

The Republicans in Congress proposed to temporarily increase the upper limit of public debt to avoid default. The speaker of the house of representatives John Boehner said that he would introduce the measure for consideration, if Barack Obama agree to continue negotiations on the budget, reports the British broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Meanwhile, government agencies in the United States because of the budget crisis are not working for ten days.

Recall, financing the American state apparatus was stopped after the U.S. Senate refused three times to accept the proposal of the house of representatives on the budget for the new fiscal year.

The Americans can’t come to a consensus on key issues. In particular, senators from the opposition that controls the house of representatives refuse to approve the budget and increase the debt limit. Instead, they require Democrats to delay the healthcare reform and lower government spending in the long term.

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