Talking about walking: anxiety symptoms

О чем говорит походка: тревожные симптомы

Gait or walking speed of a person can tell about his health, experts say

Scientists believe that the doctors during examination of patients should pay attention to the speed with which they move.

American scientists from the University of southern California believe that the walking speed of the person to be one of the indicators of health status. To this conclusion they came, studying the effect of physical activity on the health of women who have had breast cancer.

О чем говорит походка: тревожные симптомы

Scientists have concluded that the walking speed of the person can make conclusions about the state of his health. This is due not only to factors that can “slow down” due to objective reasons, e.g., injuries, diseases of bones, joints, and excess weight. Walking speed depends on the condition of the organism as a whole.

О чем говорит походка: тревожные симптомы

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In particular, in women undergoing cancer walk speed was often reduced due to the fact that the body was greatly weakened, not only the disease itself, but treatment. Over time many gradually recovered and returned to “normal” walking speed. That is, if the body for some reason loses force, it may substantially reduce the walking speed.

Doctors believe that doctors need to pay attention to the speed of movement of patients, especially the elderly. In addition, they advise anyone who noticed an unusual “slow” or excessive fatigue in themselves or their loved ones, immediately go to the doctor – it can be alarming.

О чем говорит походка: тревожные симптомы

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