Taliban to resume executions and amputations of limbs

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The Taliban will resume executions and amputations.

& # 171; Chopping off hands is essential for security & # 187 ;, – the Taliban say.

After the seizure of power in Afghanistan & # 171; Taliban & # 187; is preparing to resume executions and amputations of limbs, which previously took place publicly at the sports stadium of Kabul, reports Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Co-founder of the radical Islamist movement Mullah Noruddin Turabi, a former minister, told The Associated Press. Justice and the ex-head of the & # 171; Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Prevention of Vice & # 187; who is now in charge of prisons.

During the previous reign of the & # 171; Taliban & # 187;, convicted murderers & nbsp; usually executed with one shot to the head, & nbsp; released by the victim's family member. The shooter was also asked to take & # 171; blood money & # 187; and let the criminal stay alive.

Convicted of theft previously amputated arms and legs, & nbsp; depending on the severity of the crime.

When asked by journalists, Turabi dismissed outrage at such & nbsp; punishments, saying that & nbsp; thanks to them & # 171; we had complete security in all parts of the country & # 187 ;. & nbsp; He also warned the world against interfering in the affairs of the new & # 171; rulers & # 187; Afghanistan.

& # 171; Everyone criticized us for punishments at the stadium, but we did not say anything about their laws and punishments, ”said one of the Taliban leaders. “No one will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam and will establish our laws based on the Quran & # 187 ;.

According to him, now cases of crimes will be considered in court, including by women, but & # 171; the basis of the laws of Afghanistan will be the Koran & # 187; and the punishment that was practiced prior to the 2001 US and British invasion will be renewed.

& # 171; Chopping off hands is essential for security, & nbsp; – said Turabi, pointing out that this & nbsp; has a deterrent effect. & nbsp; He added that & # 171; power & # 187; is exploring the issue of & nbsp; whether to enforce punishments & nbsp; publicly, & nbsp; and & # 171; will develop a & # 187; policy.

Note that in recent days in Kabul militants & # 171; Taliban & # 187; renewed public condemnation of men accused of petty theft.

For example, at least twice this week, men in Kabul were shoved into the back of a pickup truck with their hands tied and paraded for humiliation. Some of them were hung around their necks or stuffed with stale bread in their mouths.

Commenting on the actions of the new & # 171; government & # 187; Afghanistan, Turabi said that the Taliban will now allow television, mobile phones, photos and videos, & # 171; because it is a human need and we take it seriously & # 187 ;.

He added that the Taliban also see the media as a way to spread their ideas. & # 171; Now we know that & nbsp; instead of hundreds, we can reach millions & # 187 ;, & nbsp; – he said, adding that & nbsp; if the punishments are still public, people will be able to film or photograph them, & nbsp; to spread the deterrent effect.

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