Taking these medicines can sunbathe in the sun

Принимая эти медикаменты нельзя загорать на солнце

There is a risk of burn or Allergy.

Some medicines have chemicals that penetrate the epidermis and can react with ultraviolet rays. Sunlight falling on such a modified skin, can in a matter of minutes can cause burns, allergies, increased pigmentation, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to the channel 24.

An important caveat: the response to these drugs is unpredictable. For some people it doesn’t show up ever. Others – constantly. Third half of life can not experience light sensitivity, until one day she doesn’t shoot. Which category you belong, it is impossible to predict.

So the best way to avoid trouble is not to appear on the sun if you use dangerous drugs.

With what means can sunbathe

Cosmetics with retinoids and AHA-acids
These creams, serums and lotions help to get rid of acne and their consequences, “erase” wrinkles, leveling the skin relief, to give it brightness and a healthy colour. But retinoids and AHA have a strong phototoxic effect.

The same effect have and popular drugstore lotions with salicylic acid that is often used in combating acne.

Popular painkillers
This refers to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, piroxicam, diclofenac. Paracetamol this group does not belong.

Some antibiotics
A clear phototoxic effect have antibiotics from group of tetracycline, quinolone and fluoroquinolones.

Some Allergy medications
About the drugs in question on the basis of promethazine, cetirizine, and diphenhydramine. Overall, if you are taking any antihistamine, read the list of side effects: there may be sensitivity to light.

Some diuretics
Especially based formulations of furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide.

Some anti-anxiety and antidepressants
The bandwagon your skin can substitute any drug, so carefully read the instructions in the section “Side effects”.

Drugs for the treatment of hypertension
In particular, drugs based on metoprolol or diltiazem.

Some over-the-counter vitamins and dietary Supplements
Especially St. John’s wort, it dramatically increases the sensitivity of the skin. A similar effect has also the Niacin form of vitamin B3.

The dietician said, what foods “loves” skin

Some oral contraceptives and remedies based on estrogen
Not all, but again read the instructions and be careful going out in the sun. Your friends, hat, sunscreen and strict observance of rules of safe sunbathing.

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