Tajikistan outraged Biden's careless statement

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Tajikistan outraged Biden's careless statement

Joe Biden compared Afghanistan to Tajikistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan on September 14 handed a note of protest to the Ambassador of the United States of America. And all because of the careless words of the head of the White House, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

The fact is that Joe Biden compared Afghanistan with Tajikistan. Like, if US supporters were evacuated in this country, then people there would also grab the chassis & # 187 ;.

How Biden insulted Tajikistan

US President Joe Biden 11 September performed in Pennsylvania. He explained to people why the evacuation of Americans and allies from Afghanistan did not go as smoothly as they would like. And during his speech, the head of the White House said the following:

Well, if we were in Tajikistan, we would arrive on a C-130 (US transport plane) and say: & # 171; We will allow, you know, everyone who sympathizes with us, get on the plane & # 187; – then we would we also saw people hanging on the chassis.

Recall that photos and videos with the evacuation of people from Kabul in Afghanistan have spread all over the world and shocked the public. This is just about those on which people are depicted holding onto the landing gear of the plane when it was already taking off.

Tajikistan outraged Biden's careless statement

Tajikistan, through the US ambassador, sent a note of protest to Biden

The Tajik authorities, naturally, were offended by such words of Joe Biden. The Foreign Ministry there summoned the US ambassador, and handed him a note of protest.

  • It states that Tajikistan wants good relations with the United States.
  • But such statements by Biden & # 171; do not correspond to the spirit of friendship and partnership & # 187 ;.

Briefly about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

  • The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was known from the beginning of Biden's cadence. But when that happened, the Taliban militants & # 187; extremely quickly took control of almost the entire country.
  • The Americans, their allies and citizens of other countries had to be urgently evacuated. In the early days, frightened people literally threw themselves on the landing gear of aircraft in the hope of flying out of Afghanistan.
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