Taiwan tycoon donates $100 million to protect island from China

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 Taiwan tycoon donates $100 million to protect island from China< /p>

The head of the world's second largest microchip maker announced a $100 million donation to the Taiwanese government for defense against China after Beijing launched massive military exercises around the island.

“100 million dollars is not that much money to buy weapons. But I hope it can awaken the Taiwanese people from the greed of money and the fear of death, and they can fight for freedom, democracy and human rights,” said Robert Cao, founder of the chip company United Microelectronics Corp, at a press conference in Taipei. (UMC), who now resides in Singapore.

Cao said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) worships “totalitarianism, deceit, hatred and violence”, its members are “thugs and swindlers”, and the regime is the “mafia”.

The tycoon denounced Beijing's military exercise in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Aug. 2 visit to Taiwan. Cao urged the people of Taiwan to show courage and resist China's “verbal threats and intimidation by force.”

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