Taisiya Povaliy Grandson like me, and even his character was my

Таисия Повалий: Внук на меня похож, и даже характер у него мой

Taisiya Povaliy Grandson like me, and even his character was my
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55-year-old singer told how her life changed when she became a grandmother

Taisiya Povaliy first became a grandmother last fall. In the family of her son Denis and daughter Svetlana was born a boy, named Damian. In the program “Morning with inter” Taisa admitted that the birth of a grandson, became the most important event that happened in her life lately.

– There is no greater happiness when you see growing and developing your continuation, – shares his emotions Taisiya. – Everything else fades into the background. Grandson like me, and even the nature of his mine.

Igor lihuto says that after the birth of a grandson Taisiya is revealed to him from the other side.

– I have been Melting like this ever seen! She runs for her grandson, crawls across the floor with him tumbles. I didn’t even know that she can. We have in the house a whole room dedicated to the grandson – with a cot, his toys, everything as it should be.

In addition, Polina and Igor told me what it’s like to be husband and wife and to work together.

We are all the time at work! On the one hand, this is convenient because you can and night to talk about the work, – says the singer. – But I have to admit that her husband-producer is not very comfortable. Because once I sprained my ankle, Igor me: “you’ve Got shooting! Come on, RUB your leg!” Does not give me root. Sometimes he forgets that I am not only an artist but a woman.

Earlier in interview to “KP” the singer told that he was preparing his listeners for the first 15 years of Ukrainian-language album “Eyforiya”. The album was created in Kiev, and mastering the tracks took place in France several months.


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