Taglit returns: youth discovers Israel

 Taglit Returns: Young People Discover Israel

Two groups of young people from Russia landed today at Ben Gurion Airport. Today they, and in the near future another 2,000 young Jews from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries, will have their first acquaintance with Israel, the discovery of our extraordinary country and their historical homeland.

A week ago, the first groups from Ukraine arrived in Israel. They are already traveling around the country and absorbing new knowledge about Jewish history and modern life with great interest.

and removal of restrictions. Their journey begins today. Good luck!

 Taglit is back: youth discovering Israel

Organization and program:

Traveling in Israel with Taglit free and lasts 10 days. The program is open to young people aged 18 to 32 who have Jewish roots. There are about 40 people in each group. The routes pass through the most significant places in the country from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to the Masada fortress. Experienced guides tell the children about the history of the Jewish people, modern Israel and Judaism. “Taglit” this is a huge number of meetings with artists and historians, politicians, public figures. In live communication with Israeli youth, including those who serve in the army, the guys learn about the life of the country firsthand. The program, of course, includes rest, walks, swimming in the sea, jeep and camel safaris, and much more.

About the Taglit project:

has been in existence for almost 20 years. During this time, over 750 thousand young people from different countries, including more than 50,000 young men and women from Russia and other CIS countries, took part in it.

Purpose and idea of ​​the project:
< br />The idea of ​​the project lies in the name itself. After all, “taglit” translated from Hebrew means “discovery”, “knowledge of the unknown”. Its goal is to introduce young people with Jewish roots to the spiritual and cultural values ​​of the Jewish people, to help them realize their national identity.

Discovering Israel, young people take away wonderful memories and unforgettable memories in their hearts impressions of a small beautiful country. And then many of them come back.

Taglit this is a program of open communication with new participants and often they are relatives, friends and acquaintances with Jewish roots of children who returned from a trip and told them about the program. In order to become a member, they just need to register at the link: registration!

All Taglit participants, of course, must be vaccinated and have PCR tests or serological tests.

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