Syrian facility attacked by Israel completely destroyed

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 Syrian facility attacked by Israel completely destroyed

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Israeli firm ImageSat International (ISI) has published images of a facility completely destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on Friday.

According to ISI, the destroyed buildings served as an entrance into underground tunnels. The same facility was damaged in September 2018 by another strike and was subsequently rebuilt. The ISI believes that this underground facility is connected to the Syrian Research Center (SSRC) in Masyaf, which was attacked by the Israeli Air Force on April 9th. The SSRC is believed to be used by Iran as a base for their pro-Iranian militia forces.

The UK-based Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center (SOHR), which monitors the Syrian civil war, said that at least eight rockets were fired at weapons depots and facilities belonging to pro-Iranian militias. According to SOHR, this was Israel's 12th attack on Syrian territory since the beginning of the year.

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