Syria warns: “Israel is playing with fire”

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 Syria warns: "Israel is playing with fire"

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Makdad threatened Israel after recent airstrikes attributed to Israel.

Haruts Sheva reports.

“Israel is playing with fire and pushing the security situation in the region to the point of exploding. Syria will not be silent in the face of Israeli aggression, and sooner or later the Israelis will pay the price,” McDad said.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry accused the US and the West of “turning a blind eye and encouraging Israel.” ;.

Airstrikes were carried out yesterday on the international airport in Aleppo in northern Syria and targets near Damascus. The Arab press reported heavy damage at the Aleppo airport as a result of the alleged Israeli attack. The runway was said to have been completely disabled and the passenger terminal destroyed. According to press reports, 7 people were killed.

An Iranian transport plane that landed at the airport 10 minutes before the attack was also damaged or destroyed.

After that, it became known that the terrorist Hezbollah group building up its forces in Syria. According to the press, the increase in Hezbollah forces comes amid fears of Israeli attacks.

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