Syria: Israel launches air strikes on targets in Damascus area

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 Syria: Israel launches airstrikes on targets in Damascus area

This night, as a result of alleged Israeli airstrikes in the Damascus region, 3 Syrian soldiers were killed and 7 more were injured.

This is reported by the Syrian news agency SANA, citing Syrian Ministry of Defense. At the same time, according to SANA, most of the missiles launched from the Golan Heights were intercepted.

According to the Sirian Capital Voice news site, four strikes were carried out on targets belonging to the Syrian military and pro-Iranian groups.

Among other things, a warehouse belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was attacked (IRGC) at the compound of Colonel Haytham Suleiman in the city of Hujairah, south of Damascus.

Syrian journalist Nur Abo Hasan also reported that one of the strikes hit the compound itself, causing casualties among members of Hezbollah. The journalist claimed that a large number of wounded were taken to the Imam Sadr Hospital in Set Zainab (Sayyida Zainab), located nearby.

Set-Zaynab and Osprey the location of Iranian militants nearby. According to the publication, the shelling resulted in the deaths of at least 10 militants.

The IDF did not comment on information about the alleged strikes on targets in Syria.

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