Syria: Dozens of officers detained for 'spying' for Mossad

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 Syria: dozens of officers detained for "spying" on Mossad < /p>

Dozens of Syrian army officers have been detained in Syria on suspicion of spying for the Mossad. This was reported by the Syrian monitoring center for the observance of human rights. It is specified that the intelligence of the Syrian regime, in cooperation with Hezbollah arrested dozens of officers, as well as other Syrian citizens on suspicion of collaborating with Israel. Arrests were carried out in the cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Mezaif and Tartus. Some of them have been released. The officers allegedly transmitted geographic coordinates to Israel, thus helping in the recent attacks on the airports of Damascus, Aleppo and their environs. Among the detainees were air defense officers and soldiers of units stationed near the airports of Aleppo and Damascus. In total, 27 people remained in custody.

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