Synopsis of the Bond of Love October 4, 2021: Andin and Irfan Meet, the Identity of the Terrorist in the Alfahri Family Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

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Synopsis of the Bond of Love October 4, 2021: Andin and Irfan Meet, the Identity of the Terrorist in the Alfahri Family Revealed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTALove Bond October 4, 2021 will feature a meeting between Andin and Irfan Pratama. The touching moment is known to have occurred at Papa Surya’s Coffee Shop.

On that occasion, Irfan was seen crying after seeing his face Andin who is quite similar to his late brother. Likewise Andin, who was shocked to learn that the man who had saved Reyna some time ago was his own biological uncle.


– Gilang Dirga already knew Lesti was pregnant before the wedding took place

– Zaskia Gothic’s household is rumored to be cracked, this is the family’s explanation

Meanwhile, hacker Angga’s orders succeeded in dismantling the identity of the person who terrorized the Alfahri family. The man is Iqbal alias Denis Setiano, who used to be Rosa’s mother to look for Jessica.

Meanwhile, on last night’s broadcast, Irfan Pratama, the older brother of the late Sofia Paramita Adicipta came to Surya’s father’s residence. On that occasion, Irfan was annoyed with Surya because he never tried to find himself who survived an accident several years ago.

In front of Tama alias Irfan, Surya explained that he had absolutely no idea of ​​the calamity experienced by Sofia before Andin was born into the world. In fact, Surya also admitted that he had tried to find out about the whereabouts of Sofia and Irfan’s graves, but did not get an answer from the hospital.

While crying, Irfan was seen telling the moments of the accident that happened to him and his brother on the way to Jakarta. At that time, the car they were traveling in had an accident and killed the driver of the vehicle.

Irfan said that he accompanied his brother to survive until he arrived at a hospital in Jakarta. 10 minutes after giving birth to Andin the second, Sofia died and was immediately buried.

After burying his brother’s body, Irfan returned to the hospital. Unfortunately, his brother’s son is gone because Surya was taken away, and raised to this day.

Hearing Irfan’s explanation, Surya seemed unable to hold back his tears. She cried and immediately hugged Irfan. The tense atmosphere turned to melt, and Irfan also had time to ask where the whereabouts of his sister’s daughter.

With a smile, Surya allowed Irfan to meet Andin. He also asked Irfan to take him on a pilgrimage to Sofia’s grave.

At Alfahri’s residence, Mr. Sanusi, who was a former trusted assistant to the late Hartawan Alfahri, was seen coming. Uya, as the only security guard who knew Mr. Sanusi, seemed to welcome the man’s presence.

Before opening the gate, Boim had time to ask Uya about who exactly Mr. Sanusi was. But elsewhere, Iqbal alias Denis Setiano, the man who was ordered to terrorize Alfahri’s family, was seen getting a chat containing a photo of Sanusi sent by a spy at the residence.

Inside the house, Mama Rosa was seen inviting Al and Andin to meet and chat with Mr. Sanusi. He even had time to talk about Denis, his errand boy who was asked to find out Jessica’s whereabouts.

On that occasion, Mama Rosa asked Mr. Sanusi to come back to find out about Denis. Even Mr. Sanusi also briefly explained about Jessica, Mr. Hartawan’s former secretary who came from a rich family and never took his salary while working.

Not only that, Mr. Sanusi also had time to tell the accident that was experienced by Hartawan until he died. He said that before his death, Hartawan had taken sleeping pills because he had severe insomnia.

Hearing this, Mama Rosa, who always prepared medicines for her husband, was also confused. In fact, Al was suspicious that someone had deliberately exchanged his father’s drugs.

Has Irfan really forgiven Surya papa for what happened to Sofia? How did Irfan and Andin react when they both found out that they were uncles and nephews? Is Mr. Sanusi’s safety guaranteed after the spy at Alfahri’s residence sent a portrait of his face to Iqbal alias Denis? And what was Denis’s motive for terrorizing the Alfahri family?

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