Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 3 October 2021: Following Papa Surya, Irfan Pratama reveals his identity as Sofia’s younger brother: Okezone Celebrity

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Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 3 October 2021: Following Papa Surya, Irfan Pratama reveals his identity as Sofia’s younger brother: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond again presents the excitement in each episode. Tonight, (3/10/2021) Andin looks moved after getting a call from his sister, Elsa.

From a mental rehabilitation center, Elsa is seen borrowing the phone of one of the nurses to contact Andin. On that occasion, Elsa could be heard asking Andin about who contacted him at that time.


– Lesti Kejora already thought about the name of the child before marrying Rizky Billar

– Watching the Bond of Love on RCTI+ is more satisfying

Hearing Elsa’s voice, Andin was surprised. He even looked moved and cried after hearing his sister wish him a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, Irfan Pratama Adicipta, who is the younger brother of Andin’s mother, looks to see Surya’s father. At Surya’s father’s residence, Irfan is heard revealing his true identity.

The man said that he was the one who suffered the most after being left by his older sister, Sofia Paramita Adicipta. Moreover, until then he had never met his nephew, Andini Kharisma Putri.

“Surya huh?” Irfan asked when he was faced with Surya’s father.

“Yes, I am myself, who are you?” asked Surya’s father.

“People suffer the most for your actions on my sister, Sofia !,” Irfan insisted.

In the previous episode, Al gave a special surprise to Andin, who was having a birthday. He gave a surprise by holding a party at one of the hotels, which apparently belonged to Irfan Pratama or Andin’s uncle.

On that occasion, Al had given Andin a special gift in the form of diamond earrings with the initials A. This immediately made Andin happy and touched by the attitude of her husband who always tried to make himself happy.

Curious about how he looked after Al had put on earrings, Andin immediately went to the toilet. After looking into the mirror, Andin met Irfan, who was curious about who was holding the event in the ballroom.

On that occasion Andin and Irfan became acquainted. He even mentioned that he and his family were celebrating his birthday in the ballroom.

While chatting with his hotel manager, Irfan was suddenly surprised by the appearance of Surya’s father. Seeing the figure of a man who passed in front of him, made Jessica’s father immediately follow him.

What will happen after Irfan meets Surya’s papa? Can Irfan accept all of Surya’s father’s explanations regarding the love triangle between himself, Sarah’s mother, and Sofia a few years ago? And will Irfan confess in front of Andin that he is the younger brother of his biological mother?

Watch the full story tonight, only on RCTI or watch streaming on RCTI Plus.

The soap opera Ikatan Cinta, which is the largest MNC Pictures Production House production in Southeast Asia, a business unit of PT MNC Studios International Tbk (MSIN), can also be watched through the RCTI+ application or through

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