Synopsis 47 Meters Down at Trans TV Cinema Tonight

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Synopsis 47 Meters Down at Trans TV Cinema Tonight

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Trans TV Cinema tonight, Sunday (3/10), will broadcast 47 Meters Down (2017) at 19.30 WIB. The following is a synopsis of 47 Meters Down, starring Claire Holt and Mandy Moore.

The story of this film begins with Lisa (Mandy Moore) who is heartbroken because she just broke up with her lover. It makes Kate (Claire Holt), his sister, take a vacation to Mexico to comfort and restore Lisa.

When they got there, they met local residents who managed to convince the two of them to go on an extreme vacation by watching sharks from inside an iron cage.

While at the dock, Lisa is still worried when she meets the ship’s owner, Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine). He was worried because he is still a beginner in diving even though Kate is a certified diver.

However, Lisa and Kate lie to Captain Taylor by saying Lisa is good at diving.

Taylor then sends Lisa and Kate into the water with gear so they can still communicate with those above the surface. When they entered, they were immediately surrounded by big sharks.

The trouble started when the cable that kept them connected to humans on the surface was cut and their iron cage fell 47 meters below sea level.

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Synopsis 47 Meters Down Shows at Trans TV Cinemas Tonight



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